The Gow School, South Wales, NY

September 20th, 2010

9-20-10I love The Gow School. This all boys school is doing everything correctly. Students from grades 7-12 attend classes in a learning environment which encourages them to work through their learning disabilities. Kindness, Respect, Honesty and Hard work are the four pillars of this school. These students, from 24 countries and 22 states, embrace all four of these pillars as they believe in them fully. A “World Class” school is really the only way that describes this school correctly.
From the moment I pulled onto this campus, I knew I was somewhere very special. Luke Salerno, my contact person over the past two months, met me as I pulled in and gave me a guided tour, with 5 of his students and Bogart leading the way. What a welcome! It was as if the “Red Carpet” was rolled out as we walked along. Headmaster, Brad Rogers then waved his magic wand and directed that The Kindness Bus be parked at the nexus of the campus, for everyone to see on their way to assembly and lunch. I gave a 45 minute presentation with 10 minutes of Q&A and was met with so much genuine praise following that for a moment, I believed I could run for public office. (just kidding) The well-loved, Headmaster then asked for the keys to The Kindness Bus and took her for a spin across the campus. It is a sight I will soon not forget, nor will the students as he grinned from ear to ear while he gave us a well executed “parade wave.”
The students at this campus were the most polite, well-behaved as I have seen. All of them gentlemen. Some of these young men will take the message of kindness, home to their native countries, all 24 of them.
Thank you to everyone at The Gow School. From the kitchen staff, maintenance, faculty and students, it was, without a doubt, a “World Class” visit.
A big thanks as well, goes out to friends Lynn and Bob for making this visit possible.

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