Daniel Webster, The Original Spellcheck

October 6th, 2010

10-6-10Anytime Bogart can start the day running freely in a dog park, it is a good thing. Along the East River are two great parks for dogs. Bogart now knows where they are and loves being able to run  until he can no longer take another step. He runs with the big dogs and puts himself in charge of all of them.     We headed into Central Park and ended up at Daniel Webster’s statue. This point is a triangle formed by two roads and it is a great spot for lots of walkers. We talked to hundreds of people and then headed back to the Upper East Side. The moment we stepped off The Kindness Bus, Carlos, a man who worked nearby came to hear of our message. He was immediately struck and is going to help to spread our message to everyone in his family. The Upper East Side, although separated from The Upper West Side by Central Park, is in tune just as much as any area on Manhattan. We worked until nightfall, which is beginning earlier as the days go by. Many small successes today, which will be big successes in the not to distant future. Small acts of kindness will be taking hold in the lives of millions. Our mission is being defined as it unfolds.

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