Harlem, New York City

October 1st, 2010

IMG00780-20101001-0923(2)The Dr. Edmond Horan, View School in Harlem, has a very dedicated staff working to educate special needs students. I met Guidance Counselor, Evan Weiss this past weekend and he immediately saw a need for The Kindness Bus Tour to visit his school. I was one of two speakers at an assembly for the entire student body, sharing the stage with, Bud Jeffries, a very inspirational speaker. His message is very powerful one for the students; he is a internationally ranked “strong man” and performs feats of strength as he imparts his great message to the students. I was inspired as well, I think it’s time for Bogart to start pumping iron.
Thank you to everyone involved in making our visit to this campus become a reality.
New York City is one big opportunity for The Kindness Bus Tour. I am able to talk with people from all parts of the world. The invitations to visit various groups happens on nearly a daily basis in this city. I have decided to stay through mid-October before starting to head south to Florida before winter sets in.
Hurricane Nicole is changing the outdoor plans of nearly everyone in New York, making the name Nicole a very unpopular one along most of the eastern seaboard. I wonder if there has ever been a Hurricane Bogart? I think I’ll Google it.

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