I’m Just Trying to Teach My Kids

October 9th, 2010

The median on Broadway, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, has a 20 foot wide, raised landscaped area, with park benches and a brick lined crossing at each street intersection, creating a mini park with 30 foot trees along it’s length on each block. It was there, that I decided to take a break and write a few thoughts on Friday evening, joining a homeless man who was sound asleep on one of the two park benches at this intersection.
I love to observe, all my surroundings and let my mind wander at times. Giving my mind a rest from some very busy days along my journey. While writing a few notes on the day, I was interrupted by a car stopping abruptly at the intersection. Looking to see the reason for the car’s stop, I noticed a family inside with the father exiting the driver’s door. In his hand was a bag containing a hot meal from a local restaurant which he placed on the bench with the sleeping man. “I’m just trying to teach my kids,” he said.

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