Lacrosse and a Parade

October 24th, 2010

10-25-10Taking a day off just doesn’t happen for The Kindness Bus Tour. No matter where we go, there are always people who want to engage in conversation. I wouldn’t want it any other way.
While driving past the University of Delaware sports facilities, I saw teams of Lacrosse players walking towards the playing fields. The Kindness Bus did a six lane U-turn and pulled into the parking lot. UD was hosting Navy, Siena and The Ohio State Buckeyes. What a great way to see some Lacrosse up close and promote One Million Acts Of Kindness to parents and students from four colleges. I love a captive audience. Robert, a soon to be Bishop in his local church, who was one of the bus drivers for Navy, couldn’t believe the beauty of The Kindness Bus. He added to its beauty by writing a great quote of his own.
Heading towards downtown Newark, gridlock ensued. On a Sunday afternoon, one doesn’t expect to experience all the streets to be closed, it turns out that Newark’s Halloween parade was 10 minutes from starting. The Kindness Bus Tour was invited to join in just by asking. Over 50,000 people, the 2nd captive audience of the day, had the treat of seeing Bogart hang his head out the driver’s window all along the parade route. Bogart loves a parade and apparently someone loves Bogart, witnessed by the writings on The Kindness Bus.

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