Newark High School, Newark, Delaware

October 22nd, 2010

10-22-10Respect, Achievement and Personal Responsibility are the words associated with the acronym for the Rap Club at this high school. Students help plan and implement events and activities which embrace the three values of this club. Valerie Morano was my connection at this school, helping to organize and arrange the necessary logistics for my stay. Valerie is one of two teachers who head up the Rap club, she is the perfect person for the job. Her energy level is contagious which gets the students highly involved. Bogart had her full attention during much of our visit, she is a dog lover and Bogart played it for all it was worth.
This school of 1,400 students is one of three high schools in the Newark/Wilmington area and is a big part of many of the senior’s preparation for attending nearby University of Delaware. After my talk, so many students took the time to stop by and talk with me about the new goal they just learned of. Valerie printed a Kindness Certificate for every student in attendance. I hope all of them get framed and hung on the bedroom walls of students. This mission just continues to get better.

A very big thanks goes out to Clare Garrison for making the numerous connections for my return visit to the great State of Delaware this weekend.

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