Stop Hat Red

October 12th, 2010

10-12-10There are lessons written all over The Kindness Bus, about 200 of them at the last count; I lose count as I circle the bus counting. Most of the words are written by friends, family and relatives. Most of them so simple, yet so profound.
The Kindness Bus has become somewhat of a moving lesson plan, imparted parent to child, and oft times the reverse. I love standing anonymously in the near distance listening to the conversation the words on The Kindness Bus invoke.
For a child in first grade, who thought Hatred was Hat Red, complex words are broken down to their simplest form, recognized small words in a larger, more complex word are part of what is known and what is spoken by the child. The larger, complex word is learned and becomes part of the child’s known vocabulary.
The child learns Hat  Red is actually Hatred, as he or she grows older in a more complex world. The innocence of a child doesn’t know Hatred, or it’s meaning, both are learned. May this young generation only know Hat  Red so they never have to say; Stop Hatred.

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  1. Ashley says:

    Beautiful post! The ‘Hat Red’ example captures the innocence of children perfectly.

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