The Flawless Foundation

October 20th, 2010

“Think: Kids” is the brainstorm of Dr. Stuart Ablon in the Department of Psychiatry at the Massachusetts  General Hospital. The Flawless Foundation sponsored a two day conference at the Churchill School and Center by this wonderfully articulate man. Most of the conferences  we attend, we are lucky if we come away with a few helpful statistics and scenarios, however, I came away with a few dozen that I will incorporate into my in-classroom programs and talks. I delayed my departure from New York by 2 days to attend, it was well worth every minute. I attended this conference as the guest of Janine Francolini, founder of The Flawless Foundation. Her background as an educator and an interest in seeing kids thrive has become her passion.  is an informative website with many ways to have your particular concern about an issue answered. There is much needed help for parents, educators and health care professionals when it comes a child needing a caring approach to a personal need. This is pure brilliance.

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