Another Bear of a Day for Bogart

November 4th, 2010

11-4-10Two days in a row of Bogart posing with a bear without a complaint. Bogart is the perfect dog to have on The Kindness Bus Tour. It still amazes me that I became his fourth owner at 1 1/2 years of age. He should probably have his own Facebook page. He is a big dog in a small dog body.
I started the day doing my weekly chore of “bachelor laundry.” I love seeing all of my whites and colors take on a slight gray hue by washing them together all the time. I met the two most wonderful women, Joy and Tabitha, who own and work at the Jacksonville Laundry. They love The Kindness Tour. Joy even arranged for the local newspaper to call.
Today we started on our week-long visit to all of the schools in Onslow County, North Carolina; Forty-five schools in all. We visited nine of the schools, all with great interest from administrators and educators. I am hoping to be able to go to the schools on the Camp Lejeune military base. Everyone loves the Kindness Certificates and how they can be used as a teaching tool for kids in school, at home and throughout their lives.
Early today I met two local real estate agents, April and McKenzie, who took an immediate liking to Bogart, The Kindness Bus, and Bob; in that order. (Just kidding)  One of them was pushing a young child in a stroller, my wish is that her child’s generation, only knows love.

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