People Doing Their Part

November 8th, 2010

11-08-10Fighting the good fight. When did teaching become a battle? How did we get so far down this road? How did we take about 10 giant steps backwards?  “When times were simpler and there was a sense of community among neighbors,” so eloquently put by 70 year old librarian Liz Crawford in South Carolina late last fall. Liz had been a teacher and librarian for nearly 45 years and certainly is someone I would consider an expert on witnessing change in our education system.
Suzanne Zdepski is a counselor in the Onslow County School System, specifically White Oak High School. She too talked to me of those “simpler times” she witnessed just a generation ago. The passionate manner in which she talked about all she believed, made me realize every school should have a confidant like Suzanne who would be sure to gain the students’ trust.

There have been several people per day who have engaged me in conversation in Jacksonville while I have been out and about. The friendliness of this town and helpful nature of its people makes me grateful that I will be here for nearly another week, making this the longest visit The Kindness Bus Tour has spent in any town to date.

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