Two Marines, an Angel, and the Cub Scouts

November 14th, 2010

When your day starts with two Marines offering all the praise you could ever imagine, you know a big day is in store. Bogart was the main catalyst to prompt the young men to come visit at the start of the day. They had seen The Kindness Bus on several occasions and finally saw me behind the wheel as I backed next to their car. It’s good to know that the country’s safety is in the hands of proud men like them.
Before heading to Swansboro, to visit with the Cub Scouts, an angel fell from the sky for The Kindness Bus Tour, more about this and the good which will come from it this weekend.
The Cub Scouts, Pack 215 from Richlands, NC held a weekend camp on some of the most breathtaking property you will ever see. What I realized during my visit that the Cub Scouts is all about family; Moms, dads, brothers and sisters joined the Pack to spend time as community with all of the other member families. I was honored to be invited to talk with all of those present at this wonderful outing.
Other than forgetting to take a picture of 100 Cub Scouts in front of The Kindness Bus and forgetting to write the two Marine’s names down, it was a picture perfect day.

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