A Good Day to be a Coffee Drinker

December 7th, 2010

12-7-10With a temperature in the low 20s overnight in Savannah, I made an executive decision this morning, one of which Juan Valdez would be proud. I parked at the corner of Bull and Broughton between the two largest coffee chains in the city. The location was perfect for visibility and also for contacting schools across the country about One Million Acts Of Kindness Week, from one of these two coffee shops. Barely warming into the 40s, I spent the day phoning and emailing schools about the possibilities of visiting their campuses later in the school year. It was a day of many successes, virtually and visually.
SCAD; Savannah College of Art and Design, is scattered all around the area just south of the Savannah river. The college is on their six week winter break, but many students who have chosen to stay a few extra weeks were   out and about by late morning and I was able to make conversation with many. One college admirer of The Kindness Bus Tour commented on the art worthiness of The Kindness Bus. It is, without a doubt, the Pièce de résistance.

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