Brain Cancer at 6 Years of Age

December 12th, 2010

12-12-10Staying the week in Savannah to be a part of a community effort to help a family in need is something I felt compelled to do.
Trevor Parker was diagnosed with his cancer several months ago, just a few days before his 6th birthday. A bright eyed boy with a heart of courage.

When I heard that this benefit, Trevor’s Treasures 5K, was being held this weekend, I made up my mind to stay in Savannah, during the conversation of one phone call.
Trevor, a bright-eyed boy is in the fight of his life. His parents, Christy and Carlton are overwhelmed with bills while raising four children and trying to live the day to day of their lives.
I had the pleasure of talking with Christy during some of the few moments she wasn’t busy talking with everyone else. The one comment she made that really made an impact on me, was her telling of watching all of Trevor’s friends run across the finish line of the 5K run. This world is filled with beautiful people with open, caring hearts. They all seem to be entering my life. I am truly blessed.

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