Calm in all the Chaos

December 13th, 2010

12-13-10The feeling of serenity, when the world seems to slow to a manageable pace and you are able to realize the correctness of every decision in front of you, is important for one’s inner peace. In this chaotic world, where life races faster than we are able to steer at times, there are lifelines, you just have to know where to look for them. That is the beauty of this panel of art inspired by a very talented artist from Brooklyn, New York.
The first lifeline is Gratitude. An appreciation of what we have and our abilities to offer it for the good of others. Thankfulness, at its highest level, that is Gratitude. When the heart is full, and you express your Gratitude, growth takes place. Gratitude in the heart makes the being, beautiful in every way. There is never a down side to your Gratitude, for Gratitude is pure goodness.
The second lifeline in the chaos is Kindness. Doing for others is the core of Kindness. The choice of wanting to do for others with nothing in return can have powerful meaning. Altruism should be the core of all of us. Doing for and helping others should be learned at a very young age. Nothing in return should ever be expected.
My favorite part of the artist’s inspiration on this panel is how the two hearts have a line connected through the word family. Gratitude and Kindness can inspire individuals throughout their entire lives. Gratitude and Kindness, pass it on.
Savannah was so cold today, most everyone stayed indoors, including me and Bogart. It was a productive day of planning for One Million Acts Of Kindness Week and working on other big plans to be announced in January.

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