Kindness Starting at Birth

December 9th, 2010

,Father to Daughter, croppedEach day on The Kindness Bus Tour, brings with it many new people I have the pleasure of meeting. I am able to talk with them about some great details of their lives and learn of some personal stories they share with me at times.
One such story I will carry with me for a very long time was from a young couple who were visiting Savannah from the west coast, and who are also expecting their first child in February. I met them as I was returning and they were reading the slogans painted on the bus as they walked slowly around it. They wanted to hear the long version of why I travel the country, living on the bus. I shared many stories about the history of what has happened and I also shared some of the plans for the future of One Million Acts Of Kindness.   With the February date of the birth of their first child, fast approaching, they are growing anxious as the date draws near. The one addition to the website which is planned that had much meaning for them, are the five Parent’s Vows which will be able to be printed off our website. These Parent’s Vows will be added in the next couple of weeks. They will be able to be personalized with the child’s name, a photo and the parent’s signature. The vow is a covenant, to which the parent, expressly sign their name. The vow is an agreement from parent to child, solemnly agreeing to do the best possible job raising their child.
The story I will be carrying with me is what was said to me; not knowing the sex of their child, the couple will be taking all of the Parent’s Vow certificates into the birthing room with them, to vow immediately upon the birth of their child. Saying I am ecstatic is a huge understatement.

Our slightly cropped Father to Daughter Vow is today’s picture as an example of one of our parent’s vow.

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