Savannah from the End of a Dog’s Leash

December 8th, 2010

12-8-10With Bogart needing a day of  exercise, I decided we would do a walking tour of schools in the historic area of Savannah. Nine schools are very reachable by foot and it was a good day for a walk. This town needs to be walked, there are too many gems passed by in a car. The architecture, the secret gardens, the squares, the pastry chefs…the pastry chefs?  Ines, was a hard at work pastry chef in the kitchen of, Local 11 Ten, a very popular Savannah restaurant, when I walked past the kitchen window. She was exquisitely applying frosting to a cake when Bogart spotted her. She came out to hear about my mission. With as good as that cake looked, I am going to visit this restaurant before I leave.
Carole Foran, the principal of Notre Dame Academy was doing double duty when I stopped at her school. She loved the thought of every student in her school taking the One Million Acts Of Kindness pledge, including her two children.
By far the biggest thrill of the day for Bogart was meeting Miss Usher at Gadsden Elementary school. She is a dog lover of the highest degree. I have a feeling her five dogs were quite jealous of Bogart when she got home.

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