Visit Savannah for Your Next Vacation

December 17th, 2010

12-17-10Wow, did I say that? This town has been doing everything right since 1733. Two hundred seventy seven years later, that tradition continues. I’ve been here fourteen days of that total and it is easy to start feeling like you are a part of this town after two weeks. The history, architecture, river,  parks, squares, mix of shops and trees make up its charm. The people are the main asset. Everyone has been so friendly towards The Kindness Bus Tour during our extended stay. I have so many people to thank for the many acts of kindness showered upon me.
You know you are in a friendly town when Joseph Marinelli, President of The Savannah Area Convention & Visitors Bureau comes down and extends his help for future visits to his city. To me this act showed the mind-set of a city which lives up to its motto of the Hostess City.
Savannah is a city as a whole which seems to adopt the Rotary Four-way test; 1.) Is it the truth?  2.) Is it fair to all concerned?  3.) Will it build goodwill and better friendships?  4.) Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
Today was a very big day on the streets of Savannah, I think Bogart had his magic working today as it seemed like everyone who passed by, talked with us.
The Kindness Bus was paid the ultimate compliment today by a couple from Spain. They said that it was the most remarkable sight they have seen since they have arrived in the United States a couple of weeks ago, including a week in New York City. I guess I should have asked them what they meant by remarkable.

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