Walk Across the Street and Read the Inscription!

December 5th, 2010

11-27-10Seven billion people in the world and conditions for many of its inhabitants are miserable. Poverty, hunger, war, disease, famine, oppression and suffering are but a few of these, oft times, man-made plagues. A very select few individuals in the world have the power to make some of the most necessary changes to end these tragedies across the globe. Some of these tragedies offer short-term gain for few, but affect generations of people to come.

Most of these individuals have come to gather many times in their lives just a stone’s throw from the courtyard where the inscription in today’s photo is located. It is shaded by the very early morning sun by the structure in which they meet. It is located within view and in short walking distance from The United Nations building.
Some leaders are taking their countries down very bad paths and bringing the rest of the world with them. If we are to truly become a world of one people, the leaders of our world need to change the current course they are electing.

In 2005, I spent my summer vacation to write every member nation of The United Nations with a simple message of a world of kindness and the importance that they start more than just dialogue, I believe I wrote 191 letters, only one came back as being no such address, so 190 made it to someone in power. I heard back from none of them, not one. I remain hopeful that some of these letters are being acted upon by these leaders.

In the seven weeks I spent in New York City this past summer, I talked with people from over 40 different countries from around the world. Not one of these persons wish for the type of world some of these leaders are creating. Loving, caring individuals with children and hope in their hearts for them and the future they will be handed. Before leaving New York this summer, I put my own inscription on the front bumper of my bus, it is my wish; “The Kindness Bus Tour is dedicated to all the children in the world, may they only know love”
It is my hope that the leaders of our world visit this monument with the intention of living out it’s words. If it is simpler, just embrace the words on the bumper of my bus for the children of your country, for the children of the world. Don’t let the future of these children slip through your fingers like sand. The conditions in this world can be improved with just the stroke of a pen at times. All of us, as global citizens, need to elect leaders who have the vision of leading this world in a direction, from the passion of kindness for others, they have in their hearts.

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