Yemin Orde

December 16th, 2010

12-16-10Half-way around the world from Beachwood, Ohio is a youth village which rescues homeless children from war-torn regions, houses and cares for them, giving the comfort which is so badly needed. Recently, to make matters worse, wildfires in Israel burned some of Yemin Orde village. Twice homeless, when children should never be left homeless.
A Youth Ability fundraiser is being organized in Beachwood, Ohio by Heidi Solomon of the Jewish Family Services. Heidi and I met last summer and planned on meeting with her group of children. I am excited to announce that she has decided to have me talk at her fund-raiser in January. Her children will be performing a play for the local community. Children getting involved in helping others, creates an awareness of the importance of selflessness at the earliest age possible.

With the warming of Savannah today, the foot traffic seems to have increased ten-fold. I met so many people today and since I was in Savannah this previous spring I am meeting some people for the 2nd time. Four different college students remembered me from UGA and SCAD visits last year. I love the power of the word of mouth.

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