MOMS Group

January 12th, 2011

Moms Offering Moms Support is a group of women who care about caring for others. Invited to talk to this group by Barbara Adams, one of its members, it was a talk I was looking forward to for more than a month. An audience of only mothers who have children college age and younger; the perfect demographic for The Kindness Bus Tour. This group meets on a regular basis to discuss the needs of others in the community and of each other. The discussion we shared after my talk, was invaluable for future visits to campuses across the country.
When a group of mothers has organized meetings to discuss issues affecting their children and families, being able to be the “fly on the wall” helps me to understand the ever-changing challenges families face on a daily basis. This Catholic faith-based group relies on their christian values and prayer to bring hope to those suffering.
Prior to meeting with this group of women, I was told that they are a “group of women who are capable of changing lives.” My main talking point was the inspiration of the power of one. The power of one as a group such as theirs and the power of each individual to look deep inside themselves for the gift they possess for helping others. I urged them to find the passion for the gift and put it to work in a physical way by comforting, consoling, teaching, volunteering and any other “hands on” project where they have to roll up their sleeves. Get your hands “Mother Teresa dirty” I said to them. I’m thinking many of them will.

And last, but certainly not least, a special thanks to Nancy, a founding member of the MOMS group in Geauga County, for her help in being Bogart’s caregiver, and also volunteering her time with the Geauga County Humane Society.

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