Please and Thank You

January 6th, 2011

1-6-11The students at Millridge have been busy this fall creating wonderful drawings and colorings, telling of acts of kindness that they have been performing. One hundred twenty three children created art like the one pictured above. All of them could have been chosen to be today’s picture, this one, with two very important words, seemed to sum up my visit to their school.
Kindness is learned as an infant with the spoken word. These two words, some of the first twenty or so learned, which become part of a child’s vocabulary, are taught by the parent and are the beginning of the respect a child learns, for those who give the nurturing needed to survive. Kindness 101; the very foundation of respect a child should experience on an ongoing basis, creates an awareness that should be learned at the earliest age possible.
Thank you to everyone who made my visit to Millridge a very special one.

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