Positive Peer Pressure

January 3rd, 2011

Emails of the same subject matter seem to find my email box quite often. The trio of such, appeared in the last couple of days. They could have all been titled, “Be Kind all the Time.” The core of the emails address the need to have kindness in your heart every waking moment. To perform a kind act once in a while convinces some that this is all which is needed to be done to be considered kind. One of the emails brought up a fact which I had heard previously, that some gang members consider themselves kind because they had performed a kind act recently.
Constant mind-set is the goal of One Million Acts Of Kindness because the goal takes a lifetime of days filled with kindness by an individual. When one’s day is filled with nothing but kind acts and thoughts, there is no room for hatred, no room for apathy and certainly no room for gang-related activity.
It’s time to turn a big corner for the good of children. If an example isn’t shown, a lesson isn’t learned. This is tantamount to the growth of goodness in children. It’s hard to be good all of the time, but it is also easy to get back on the right road when one takes the wrong turn.
I am learning of some wonderful programs along my travels which teach in the same manner as what I am trying to accomplish in my in-classroom programs to children. The teaching is that no kind act should go unnoticed. Nothing but “Positive Peer Pressure” should be shown to one another.

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