PTA Power

January 21st, 2011

Being a grassroots effort, I am always looking for ways to network with the most efficiency possible, reaching as many people as I can during the course of the day, but still conveying my message in a personal way. The individual goal of One Million Acts Of Kindness  is starting to reach children one classroom at a time, and at times, one school at a time. If one teacher’s interest in One Million Acts Of Kindness can spread to a classroom of twenty or so students, and one parent, principal or guidance counselor can reach hundreds of student at a time, just think of what a statewide group or agency’s impact could be, with having one million acts of kindness be a lifetime goal for each student in the state or commonwealth.
With just a little over three weeks until the start of One Million Acts Of Kindness Week, and using this time for promotion, the most efficient means of communication is contacting statewide groups and agencies directly by email and phone. To me, the state PTA and board of education groups could be a powerful force in reaching students in classrooms. Parents having a direct impact on children statewide on an individual basis…Bullying be gone!

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