Another Angel on the Kindness Bus Tour

February 11th, 2011

2-11-11The Kindness Bus Tour will begin it’s third year this coming summer. I couldn’t have picked a better time or a worse time to begin my journey. A better time, because of what I am finding to be true, is a want for more kindness in everyone’s lives, more now than ever, across the world. A worse time, because of all of the very best friends who have passed in this very short time, 5 of some of the closest friends one can have.
Chuck came into my life nearly twenty five years ago. He entered my life how he entered everyone else’s life, you felt you had known him your entire life after the first minute of conversation. “I feel like we should become life-long friends” were the very first words he spoke to me as I dipped my infant son Alex’s feet into a pool at a club we had both just joined. That is the way Chuck was, he led his life acting upon on the words he spoke. One could always count on him for support as a friend and a business mentor. He was passionate about everything that was important in his life and he shared all of that passion with everyone. He was such an important part of my life as I looked to him as a compass for matters needing his guidance. He was one million acts of kindness in action in his life with family, friends and even strangers. He was one of the biggest cheerleaders of this mission and was always one I could turn to on a particularly challenging day.
I will carry Chuck’s “moral compass” with me as I continue on this mission. I now have the power of 5 new angels offering protection and guidance as The Kindness Bus’ mission hopes kindness becomes your “life-long friend.”

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