Early Sign-up for Next Year

February 16th, 2011

2-13-11Every year, One Million Acts Of Kindness Week occurs. From this year forward, we will begin promoting the following year’s event for the entire 52 weeks. Next year’s week will take place beginning February 13th 2012. You will be able to sign up your group for next year starting sometime next week.
Meeting next year’s goal of 3,000 groups participating in One Million Acts Of Kindness Week should be a foregone conclusion with the growing interest in this mission. We are thankful to all who have helped to reach this year’s goal of 2,000 participants.
Being such a new grass-roots effort, I am still amazed at the interest of people that this movement is inspiring. The interest of “kids of all ages” in a goal of kindness has given rise to the thought that small groups of older individuals can work on a collective goal of kindness. An individual, no matter the age, can fast-track or have a smaller kindness goal, numerically.
Out and about today, on the streets of Vero Beach, while in The Kindness Bus, I was reminded of just how friendly this town was and is towards us. Many people remembered seeing us last spring and I talked with many people with familiar faces who will see us over the course of the next few years. Our extended stay last year had quite an impression, from the well-wishes I received.
During a pause from my work, I went to take Bogart for a walk from his rest in The Kindness Bus, I discovered a local couple named Scott and Paula who were thrilled at seeing such a sight. The kindness of strangers is the thought which comes to mind in describing this generous couple.
Yet again, late in the day, I found myself, this time, at the Holy Cross Church school group of children, where I was invited to pay a visit by one of the teachers. The Kindness Bus was the topic of conversation of students and teachers alike. Dennis, one of the caretakers of this beautiful property is all about helping to spread this message to the local community.

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