Another Tipping Point

March 4th, 2011

Today we announced a twice cross-country bicycle tour to raise awareness for a few issues which don’t receive enough coverage. I have been hearing and seeing firsthand about some issues which I have decided to address.
A route we will take has been chosen and the dates are being set. We will post the route on the website in the near future. Please follow along for the 6 months we will be on the road and please take the time to visit The Bicycle Tour Page.
Realizing that the planning for the cross country Kindness Bicycle Trip was going to be time consuming is an understatement. We are going to need help with lodging, press, networking, even Bogart is going to need some assistance along the way. If any of you have thoughts or advice, I welcome them.
Another Tipping Point is the only way to explain why I am doing this. When you hear about something often enough and you realize that something needs to be done about it, hopefully you take action.
***I will continue to promote the lifetime goal of One Million Acts Of Kindness while raising awareness of issues along my journey. To me, kindness will help stop these hurtful acts.

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