Anyone Have a Bicycle Basket?

March 15th, 2011

3-15-11When I decided to head out on The Kindness Bus Tour, it took almost 2 years to divest of my life most everything I owned, a very liberating proposition to say the least. It is hard to decide what you may need and keep only what might serve a purpose along the way. One of the items I gave away was a bike which I really didn’t use that frequently anyway, why would I use it to travel on campuses? After my first month trial leg of The Kindness Bus Tour, I decided that a bicycle would be handy, so I bought a replacement. For the next several months, the bicycle sat in the aisle of the bus. I had to step around it dozens of times a day. Both of my shins were battered for months with scrapes which never quite fully healed from the pedals as I would collide as I moved from front to back to front of the bus. I never used the bike once during those several months so that bike is no longer.
I may be the only guy who doesn’t own a bike with less than 2 months to departure of a 7,400 mile bicycle tour. I am using a borrowed bike to acclimate to the comforts of a bicycle seat, as I believe that will be the hardest challenge of The Kindness Bicycle/Bus Tour. Of course, holding Bogart is a little challenging as well.

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