Can a Sticker Change a Life?

March 17th, 2011

proof- Bob Vortruba- One Million Acts“Ever since I actually put the sticker up, my heart has literally opened up,” is a quote in an email from a woman I met in Vero Beach a few weeks ago. This email is one of the countless emails I have received in the past couple of years saying something similar to her quote. It isn’t the sticker but the full embodiment of the message of constant kindness.
She went on in her letter to say she has found herself helping people whom she would have simply passed by and not paid attention to before this 4″ round sticker came into her possession. She is an international flight attendant and now has a passion to spread this message to people traveling to and living in the destinations she visits. France is one of the first countries of her new mission. To that I must say, “Je suis chatouill├ę rose.”

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