Forget the Handicap

March 9th, 2011

3-3-11Florida is the mecca of retirement; millions of visitors from the north, Snowbirds, they are called, come here to escape to cold weather of the wintry north country. Many of us work our lives to be able to retire someday to enjoy our lives relaxing and recreating.
Retirees of all demographics and professions are up and down both coasts of this state. Most of these individuals were highly focused and dedicated to the careers they worked. Many have special leadership skills that are sorely needed by local charities. I surmise that this state has the largest “brain gain” of retirees than any other state, conversely, it has one of the largest populations of people in need. Solution to a need one would think, but according to most charities it is not the case.
Many charities across the nation are funded with fewer dollars these days, more of us are needed to fill what is being cut from nearly empty coffers of these charities. If you are coming to “winter” in Florida, leave the clubs, forget the handicap and get involved in helping the homeless, the veterans, the special needs of anyone in need.
Bogart makes sure my handicap remains in the stratosphere by hiding my sixty year old rusty putter from me.

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