Indian River Sheriff’s Youth Ranch BBQ

March 2nd, 2011

3-2-11Late yesterday afternoon, I had the pleasure of meeting one of the local Deputy Sheriffs in Indian River county. We got talking about my mission and the school programs we do and before you know it, he had facilitated a space for The Kindness Bus at the IR Sheriff’s BBQ.
Officers from many surrounding communities and national law enforcement agencies were in attendance today demonstrating their expertise in their specialized fields. Bogart seemed to be impressed with the K9 dogs working for the enjoyment of a very large audience.
Very interested families of parents and children found The Kindness Bus to be a nice addition to this year’s annual event. One of the first County employee who was at the event said she had walked all the displays and that The Kindness Bus “was by far the nicest vehicle at the event.” It was a huge success for The Kindness Bus Tour.
Every couple of months or so, I am able to find a local Red Cross blood donor center, today the local county blood donor center found me. Pulling directly behind The Kindness Bus were blood donor workers Gina, Stephanie and Bernadette. These 3 women were highly professional and friendly. Bogart was even able to watch me donate a pint of AB- as he seemed to enjoy the amenities of the blood mobile bus more than The Kindness Bus.

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