Pay it Forward X 4

March 11th, 2011

One small act of kindness can change the direction of an action. Kindness can never lead to bad, kindness can only lead to further goodness. I’m convinced kindness can defuse future negative actions, specifically when kindness is shown to our youth. I too, am of the school that kindness can have an immediate impact.
This story of kindness was told to me first-hand by one of the kindest persons I have met along my One Million Acts Of Kindness’ journey. It happened yesterday.
While in a confectionery in her neighborhood, my friend noticed the owner of the store looked unnerved by 4 young men who were acting suspiciously, my friend and the owner felt like something was about to happen, something as simple as shoplifting or possibly something more sinister. Quickly deciding that any event these young men were about to undertake, wasn’t going to have a good outcome for any of them, my friend said, “Today’s your lucky day, each one of you can pick something out and I am buying it for you.” Astonished, the young men chose their favorites and had them paid for by my friend. She then said that each one of them had to now do some kind act for someone else, a pay it forward act. A great lesson in kindness by young men who most likely haven’t seen much kindness in their lives.

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