Virginia Tech is the Reason for This

March 16th, 2011

3-16-11The Kindness Bus is a little stubborn after an extended shutdown of its engine. It takes a few minutes of warm up time even in the warm weather. Starting up from a complete stop is a test of driver so I tend to do the slow roll at stops. This morning I gave an approaching vehicle what would have normally been more than enough room except The Kindness Bus was a little more cantankerous than usual. The approaching car had to slow and then went around when the roadway opened to 2 lanes a block away. I pulled up to her at the red light a couple blocks further down the road, noticing she had some Virginia Tech items on her car. When I pulled alongside her I was gonna give her an “I’m sorry” wave but when I saw she had her son in the front seat I motioned for her to roll down her passenger window. “Virginia Tech is the reason for this” I said to her. A beautiful smile from her and a thumbs up from her son told of a very proud Hokie family who was happy to see someone doing something about the tragedy which happened nearly 4 years ago. Whoops, I never told her I was sorry for cutting in front of her.

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