Humility and Honesty

April 3rd, 2011

4-3-11When you travel the country in a creatively painted bus, you meet people from all walks of life. I try to take from every conversation only the goodness. The negative stories I hear, I try to learn some powerful message which I can use to positively inspire others in my future talks to individuals and groups, for only good should be gained from goodness and negativity as well.
I have been inspired by people from ages 4-92, individuals seeing a need and doing something powerful, sometimes just saying something very powerful. A recent, verbal inspiration came during a sermon from a priest at a local church. The homily was about being the best you could ever possibly be by having a set of values in which to live your life. “Let humility and honesty be your calling cards,” are the words he spoke which were very powerful for me. The thought of everyone living their lives by that quote is the cure-all to the ills of society.
May every leader of every country lead their respective countries with that beautiful mantra, may it happen sooner than later.

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