Road Ready

April 17th, 2011

4-17-11My bicycle is getting a major tune-up and will be road ready by the time I push further north, out of Savannah.
During my seventeen day stay in Savannah last December, I met a local resident named Alex, who is a big bicycling enthusiast. When Alex heard of my 6 month, 7,400 mile twice cross country Kindness Bicycle Tour, he shared with me some of the nuances of bicycling every day and riding long distances.  He was a big help, giving me a great foundation for research about long distance bicycling over the past few months. Seeing Alex again, a few days ago, he was interested in seeing the bike which will carry me cross country. The look on Alex’s face was one of, “oh man, let me help you.” Alex is a big supporter of my mission and insisted on fine tuning the bike to ready it for the road. By the time we left the bicycle shop, Alex completely transformed this bike, with his own resources, into one that will be a dream to ride.
By the time the departure date of May 14th has arrived, my bicycle will, without a doubt be road ready, me being road ready by that date may be a different story. Bogart! It’s time to start working out.
Thank you Alex, for all you do for One Million Acts Of Kindness.
***Update to April 14th blog. Apparently Andreu Powell has already helped to spread our message.  The principal from Fernandina Beach Elementary wants to dovetail One Million Acts Of Kindness’ message to curricula, for all 600 students in her school. Thank you Andreu.

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