Two Very Big Hearts

April 12th, 2011

Not having a bicycle to ride and having a 6 month, 7,400 mile Kindness Bicycle Tour a month away, can be a little bit unnerving. I have been getting some riding in over the past couple of months on a bike which was loaned to me by a local physical therapist named John. During this time, I have come to know nearly every bike shop owner and employee in the area because of my frequent visits to find a suitable used bike. A couple shop owners spent the time checking with their manufacturers to see if they would like to donate a bike, to no avail. Requests of this nature are quite common as there are many people who ride for many worthy causes. Enter John again, John with a very big heart. I received an email from Melinda who works with John about wanting to sell me his bike at a ridiculously low price. This bike is a high quality, top of the line bike which will serve my needs on my ride across the country. Enter Melinda again, Melinda with a very big heart. She says that there is no need in paying John because she is going to make up the difference. Two individuals with two very big hearts.

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