Crossing the New Jersey Line

May 15th, 2011

5-15-11Day #2 and not a sore bone in my body. What! Forty-four miles on a bike, without training for this 7,400 mile Kindness Bicycle Tour and I feel as fresh as when I started yesterday morning; the bicycle gods are on my side. Today marked the beginning of this 17 state trek and I took the time to look down the Hudson River, perched high above on the George Washington Bridge.
The day started with a visit to Dr. Donna Rohlf’s home to discuss some of the details of dealing with Domestic Violence and Childhood Sexual Abuse survivors. It is always good to get the perspective from an expert in the field, and she was able to impart some interesting observations.
All along my travels today, I was stopped by survivors and health professionals to lend their support. Fortunately and unfortunately, there are far too many of them. We are just beginning to scratch the surface.

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