Dana Hall School, Wellesley, Mass.

May 3rd, 2011

5-3-11-APerhaps it is because I have 8 sisters, or maybe it is because my daughter went to an all girls school for fifteen years; because yesterday’s visit to this all girls school was pure magic. ┬áNearly one hundred twenty girls in middle school listened intently to stories of my travels and to stories of people who have inspired me along my journey. These girls were engaged with every word of my talk and asked questions as if they had Ph.Ds relative to every topic we discussed. Inspiring students of this age, to start thinking about the incredible positive changes they can make in this world, if they set their minds to this way of thinking, was the subject of my talk.
Along with the individual lifetime goal of kindness that I ask students to embrace, I ask them to look inside themselves for a passion for helping others. This group of girls is incredibly talented and involved in many great passions, some of them 5-3-11-Bthrough Dana Hall and some of them of their own doing. I told them I didn’t hope to inspire one of them, but that I hoped to inspire the entire roomful of them. To fulfill your passion for helping others full-time, it takes timing, determination, sacrifice and resources. I hope every one of these girls considers pursuing their passion because from what I witnessed of their genuine interest in this world’s many needs, they can have a profound impact on this world going forward. I was so impressed with every one of these girls.
Thank you to the Pryor and Frechette families for sponsoring my visit to Dana Hall, it was an honor to speak at this school and one I will never forget.

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