Doing the Loop

May 12th, 2011

Most everyone asks me, “How are you going one way across the United States and it is 7,400 miles?” New York, through Washington DC to San Francisco is only 3,700 miles but I am doing it twice, one way.
Here is my explanation. The Kindness Bicycle tour was originally planned to be a twice cross-country trip with one bus driver each way. Over the period of a few months, a number of drivers said that they would be able to help with the driver duties. All of them had to reconsider, I can’t blame them, it is a 3 month commitment. So I became The Kindness Bus driver and the bicycle rider by default. Here is an example of how I will perform both duties. Every day I will ride my bicycle to the next town I will stay in. I will then turn around and ride my bicycle back to the bus, put my bicycle in The Kindness Bus and drive to the town I will stay in that night. I will do this 180 times from New York, through Washington to San Francisco as both The Kindness Bus driver and The Kindness Bicycle rider by “Doing the Loop.”

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