Much Needed Rest

May 20th, 2011

Today was the day to rest from the two hundred twenty miles or so that we have logged since The Kindness Bicycle Tour began. Clearly the bicycle I am using is not the most aerodynamic and the energy expended is about double of a road bike, but I keep telling myself that I am getting some great exercise.
The thank you list grows each day with so many people reaching out to help. Regan and Mary, friends from Vero Beach arranged overnight accommodations and hosted a sit down dinner with 3 generations of their family. Thank you to Father Alex of Saint Alphonsus church in Hopewell NJ. We spent 2 nights, using their laundry and party room as a home base for The Kindness Bus Tour while in their town.
We are meeting some great people with amazing stories of hope and courage. Nathan, who is videotaping this entire trip is getting some amazing footage for a documentary. Sundance, here we come.

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