Tenacre School, Wellesley, Mass.

May 2nd, 2011

5-2-11Just west of Boston is a village named Wellesley where the Tenacre Day School is located. Working over the past few months to make this visit a reality was well worth the time spent. Board members, Lee Frechette and Dr. Stuart Ablon were instrumental in seeing that The Kindness Bus made it to their campus this spring.
This is one very special place. Parents, students and faculty are very connected with making sure that the learning environment on campus is of the highest level. It is the gold standard of schools.
Bogart and I had a full schedule starting with an early morning assembly for the entire student body and their parents. We were also able to talk to individual classrooms, as all had the opportunity to spend fifteen minutes outside, visiting The Kindness Bus. We talked about some of the hundreds of messages written on The Kindness Bus and how they apply to the school’s program of cooperation and inclusiveness. After the bus visits, I was able to visit the preschool classroom and read Bogart’s new book, “Bogart Begins His Kindness Adventure.” No day would be complete without visiting the Student Council, on campus and having a very good discussion and Q and A period.
Many people had a hand in making sure our visit to Tenacre was a great one, from using the Headmaster’s house to raiding the cafeteria refrigerator at day’s end. I was even provided with a dog handler and 2 assistants to make sure the day went smoothly. Tenacre is one very special place. Thank you to all!!

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