“Boys Don’t Hit Girls”

June 8th, 2011

6-8-11Teaching boys at a young age about the etiquette which should be used when in the company of girls is one of the most important, earliest lessons a young man can learn. Respect, the use of non-demeaning language and the meaning of the word, no, are but a few of the values a boy should learn at a very young age. Most often the simplest message is the most profound. “Boys Don’t Hit Girls” should be message #1 taught to boys and should become part of the culture of a young man. Simple message. Easy to do. Lifelong results.
In my recent meeting with Lynn Rosenthal, I mentioned the “Boys Don’t Hit Girls” statement and she said it reminded her of something similar, Vice-President Biden had stated recently. In one of their meetings, all sorts of facts and figures were being poured over in great detail to which the Vice-President said something to the effect that a simple solution to a problem is usually the best.
With my extended stay in Washington DC, we are only 2 days behind schedule and only 36 miles less than our total. We will make up the miles by the time we reach Gore, Virginia.
Today’s photo is one of me with my 8 sisters. I have a very big stake in the Domestic Violence issue.

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