Boys Should Never Hit Girls

June 18th, 2011

6-18-11I have a new anti-aerodynamic feature that I added to The Kindness Bike. My average mph pace at which I ride has steadily increased from just under 10mph to nearly 15mph over the 5 weeks since I began, now with the new feature, I may well be under 10mph once again.
The sign, “Boys Should Never Hit Girls” is highly popular; it strikes a chord with nearly everyone. I tell most people to teach boys not to hit and they have a better chance of knowing not to hit as adults. Some mention to me the same applies to girls, which it does of course.
After 5 full weeks of riding, the ride total is increasing and is nearing the one thousand mile mark. Our shorter daily rides are coming to an end and longer rides will be common as we push into Ohio later this week.

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