It’s All About the Children

June 15th, 2011

6-15-11A local television news segment can do much to raise awareness for a cause, this was the case today after last night’s Channel 3 News story on The Kindness Bicycle Tour. During my 40 mile ride today, many people mentioned that they had seen the footage and many others were more enthusiastic than what I normally experience. Thank you for the big boost Channel 3.
I met Chris from “Heroes for Children” today, he is riding with his 5 horses from Dallas, Texas to New York City and back to raise money for childhood cancer. What a great guy to give so much of his time for the very good cause of helping children.
Laura and Sharon from Frederick County Child Protective Services stopped by during their lunch hour to talk to me about the importance of kids living in a safe environment. They loved The Kindness Bike with its signs.
Thank you to Rick the owner at the Snow White Grill for buying lunch today.

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