Parenting 101

June 21st, 2011

Parents behavi6-21-11ng badly, when they have children to raise, can never turn out well. It is ironic, that earlier 6-21-11 Athis day, I visited The Children’s Home Society of West Virginia, a foster home for children who have nowhere else to go, except to be turned over to the state. Ironic because of what I and many others witnessed this evening.
While talking with a couple of police officers and others about The Kindness Bicycle Tour, a boy of about 8 years of age saw the sign on my bike which says, “Boys should never hit girls,” to which he replied, “I Like to Hit My Sister, I Love It.” The amazing part is that the parents enjoyed his remark and encouraged him, as he said it a 2nd time. The mother responded about the sister, “Well she beats on him too, so it’s all fair.”  So sad!
I am convinced that boys and girls who are taught not to hit each other during their childhood and adolescence, stand a much greater chance of not being one who would commit domestic violence.
The bicycle rides are getting much more challenging as The Kindness Bicycle Tour pedals well into West Virginia.

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