Ride a Bike and Donate Blood

June 17th, 2011

6-17-11I guess that is somewhat of a misleading title for the blog today. No I didn’t take a spill, we found a Red Cross Donor Center on our ride. I think giving blood was more appealing than pedaling a bike, so we took rolled up our sleeves and took an hour-long break.
Evelyn Perry, a longtime volunteer for the Red Cross, was the perfect help to making our visit to this center, a very pleasant one. Evelyn who had so many stories about traveling the United States, had her own Harley for several years. Evelyn was also given the Clara Barton Honor Award, the Red Cross’ highest award bestowed on volunteers. Barbara Moss, a Red Cross employee became an instant cheerleader of One Million Acts Of Kindness excited to spread the word about my mission to one and all.     Today while riding, we met so many people and made some very good connections for future meetings with Children’s Advocacy Centers across the nation. The National Children’s Advocacy Center website can be visited at www.nationalcac.org

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