Station 5

June 3rd, 2011

6-3-11Just to the north of DC by several miles is Kensington, MD where we have been able to conveniently park The Kindness Bus. Every morning we ride into Washington from this town where there is plenty of space and no need to worry about having to move from parking meter to parking meter every 2 hours, a huge asset to us.
Just around the corner from our “base camp” is a Montgomery County firehouse named Station 5. I have been wanting to find the time to spend an hour or so to stop in, especially because they are in the middle of constructing a 911 memorial on their grounds, but I have been arriving back in the evening every night after dark. Today I found the time.
Riding through a very busy Montgomery County to do chores along the way, took us past Station 5 a couple of times. We were able to stop in and thank the firefighters for the job they perform. We were also able to talk with them about the Domestic Violence runs they go on as paramedics. “This happens too much, everywhere,” one of the firefighters said. We went to Station 5 to thank the firefighters for the job they do and they ended up thanking us. A very humble group, to say the least.

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