Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

June 19th, 2011

6-19-11We drove back to Washington6-20-11 DC early this morning for the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes benefit. This great benefit, organized by Becky Lee Woman’s Support Fund and the DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence was one that I did not want to miss. I not only was invited to walk, I was invited to talk to the crowd. Fathers and mothers alike, came out to support this 1st annual event. With the way the event turned out you would have thought it was its 21st year in existence.
Karma Cottman, Executive Director of the DCCADV talked with me before the event, it is so comforting to see the passion she has for her job. Lynea Woody who is with the DCCADV as well, helped to get the word out to the community for this event.
I had the honor of meeting Becky Lee, Founder of www.beckysfund.org
What an amazing and very dedicated woman. I urge you to visit her website.
**I challenged Brian Namey of the NNEDV to participate in the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event and to a race against me for the final 100 yards, unfortunately he had other obligations. Next year Brian!

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