A Ride on the Magic Bus

July 20th, 2011

7-20-11 AI came north to Vincennes, Indiana to meet a 5 year old girl named Markayla. I met Markayla’s mom and step-dad7-20-11 B in southern Indiana and they told me of her being a survivor of leukemia. Anne, Markayla’s mom, told me how much her daughter would love to see The Kindness Bus come to Vincennes. How could I say no to a brave girl like Markayla? Arriving in Vincennes, I was able to meet this energetic, talkative girl who is an inspiration to all of us. I asked her if she and her family would like to go for a ride; we took The Kindness Bus for a spin and Markayla loved being behind the wheel, after the bus was shut down.

It has been a couple of days of pure magic since I arrived in Vincennes. I have had more interest in One Million Acts Of Kindness from teachers and counselors in Vincennes, than almost every town I have visited thus far. Things seem to happen for no apparent reason at times, when they are in fact part of the plans, they are unfolding perfectly.   Thank you for inviting me to visit Vincennes to meet so many nice people, Markayla.  Thank you to Anne’s mom, Mary, for the bounty of vegetables from her garden. The tomatoes were pure perfection. Happy birthday to Karen’s mom. Karen, a resident of Vincennes thought it appropriate to help support the Kindness Bus Tour in honor of her mom who recently passed. Thank you Karen.
Today’s ride was cut short by a Heat Index of 120. There will be cooler days ahead to ride for more “bonus miles.”

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