Float Like a Butterfly

July 9th, 2011

7-9-11 ASix years ago, Muhammad Ali wrote me a short note thanking me for a grassroots effort called “Sow Only Seeds7-9-11 B Of Love” that I started in response to 9/11. I don’t know how he found out about Sow Only Seeds Of Love, but I was amazed that he would take the time to send me a hand written note in his shaky hand writing. I was honored. Today I honored him by stopping by the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, his birthplace. I’m sure if he knows about One Million Acts Of Kindness and The Kindness Bicycle Tour, he would be equally impressed.
I must be getting accustomed to the weather and bicycling, or perhaps today’s ride was all downhill, just kidding, because the 50 miles were a breeze. I spent equal amounts of time in Kentucky and Indiana which lie on opposite sides of the Ohio River. Many people in Kentucky said they had seen the interview WAVE 3 TV is playing this weekend about The Kindness Bicycle Tour. It really does help to get the word out about my mission when a local TV station, radio station or newspaper does a piece. I’ll bet I talked to 200 groups today. Thank you to everyone!

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