Holly’s House

July 18th, 2011

7-18-11 A“You are going to go to Holly’s House, aren’t you?” When I heard this said by 3 different people in the 7-18-11 Bfirst couple of hours after arriving in Evansville, I knew I had better “Google” Holly’s House. I immediately called Holly’s House to schedule a visit. With the enthusiasm with which my phone call was met and then receiving an email from Executive Director, Sidney Hardgrave at 6:30 the very next morning, I then knew that Holly’s House was a very special place run by very caring individuals.
Co-founder, Brian Turpin, a Detective with the Evansville Police Department, after graduating from the “Finding Words” program, which teaches professionals how to conduct a successful forensic investigation, thought a place for children and adults to come and talk about what has happened to them was needed in Evansville. Brian took the time out of his very busy schedule, along with Sidney Hardgrave, Jenny Wood, Brenda Wible and Stacia LeGate to give me a tour of this beautiful facility. Board member, Kathy Boyd joined us half-way through the tour. She knows the place down to the last nail as she led a group of over 500 workers who volunteered their time to make this place a reality. The moment they opened the doors, they were “debt free,” Kathy said.
Holly’s House is doing everything to eliminate the shame victims feel when they enter, empowering them to become survivors before they leave. They also house offices for other agencies which help families in several surrounding counties. This is one very special place.
Holly’s House is doing incredible work. Visit their website to learn of all their successes at www.hollyshouse.org
Visit www.hollykdunn.com to learn of the brave survivor for whom this facility is named.
Tomorrow, The Kindness Bicycle/Bus Tour heads north for very special visit to Vincennes, Indiana.

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